Cooperatively Yours

Our Mission:

To reaffirm the guiding principles of cooperative living: Democratic Governance, Shared Responsibility, Constant Education, and Mutual Respect.

Abraham Kazan, the father of cooperative housing in the United States (and on Grand Street), charged all members of cooperative communities “to exert their efforts to run this cooperative and make it more useful and more interesting for all who live in these apartments.”

Cooperatively Yours chooses to accept that invitation at East River Coop.

Together, we will work to increase participation in our annual shareholders’ meeting with the goal of engaging cooperators more fully in the ongoing betterment of our community.

We will endeavor to improve communication among cooperators and with our board of directors.

We will help elect candidates for the board of directors who demonstrate a commitment to these cooperative principles.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. Or email

  • Thanks for putting this site together. It’s exciting to think about what we can do if we organize more social, athletic, and cultural events in the coops here.

    • C Wills

      Sorry – nothing personal, but if you aren’t a shill for Turner and Keenan, you are incredibly naive. Yes, perhaps after they’ve made millions of dollars showing apartments here, being on committees that decide who can buy apartments here, they’ll donate some of their money to build a bocci court or new jungle gym.

  • Bram Weiser

    It’s hard to accept the comments of a group like Cooperatively Yours that strive for (among other things) open communication from the Board and Management, yet continue to hide behind its group’s name and not identify who its founder(s), officer(s) and other key members would be.

    None of the printed materials I’ve received under my door, or seen posted in hallways, nor (to my knowledge) anywhere on this Website, is this information made available. Contradictory? Perhaps even hypocritical? It sure seems so…so I call upon Cooperatively Yours to change its policy of not naming these individuals so as to, instead, do so prominently here on its Website and on all future communications, too.

    Oh, by the way, my name is prominently shown here as I don’t hide my comments behind some alias, too. I’m practicing what I’m preaching. Cooperatively Yours should do likewise.

    • The anonymity is not intentional, and something you’ll likely see melt away. Structurally, this group has so far been very informal, so no officers or anything like that. But we held two well-attended open meeting in the spring, with plenty of introductions and faces out in the open. The one place online you can find a bunch of names in one place would be where cooperators signed on to our open letter to the board: And here I am, just like you, saying hi.

      • Bram Weiser


        First of all, hi back.

        If it’s not intentional, then why does it continue? The solution is simple…prominently name the founders and other main members of the group, especially as the group is calling for similar openness on the part of Management and the Board.

        This group has proceeded for months(!) with printed literature going around, not to mention this Website being launched and updated as well, but without more than the group’s name and URL to identify it. If the group has nothing to hide regarding who they are, they why continue to hide it? The only thing that could create is suspicion as to the motives of those involved.

        • I can see that you feel strongly about this and I appreciate your comments.

          The anonymity of the group’s officers or leaders is the result of not having officers or leaders. The group that meets is a little different every time. We’ve had hundreds of cooperators contribute to our open meetings, and dozens who have helped distribute flyers. So in my opinion it wouldn’t accurately describe Cooperatively Yours to list a few names on a flyer.

          But, really, I do see your point, it’s something that has come up before, and if this group sticks around in any meaningful way I think you’ll learn the names of more individuals who are part of it in one way or another.

          • Bram Weiser

            Thank you, Jeremy. I appreciate your candor.

            This anonymity becomes an issue when fliers go under (or next to) my front door and I’m left to wonder just who composed the ideas written thereon.

            I’m not as concerned with who attends open meetings (by definition, attendance is not, in and of itself, equivalent to an endorsement of the group or its ideas), or who (to use your word) “distributes” those fliers. It’s the ideas that are being expressed as “officially representative” of your organization that cause me concern when I’m left with only that organization’s name, and not the signatories to those ideas, when I might want to question them, thus stifling debate and discussion, two things that, as stated earlier, CY values and wants to see more of…in others.

            A group that identifies those whose ideas they represent would immediately have more credibility than one who simply states the ideas and leaves us to wonder whence they came.

          • Sara

            A group that identifies those whose ideas they represent would immediately have more credibility than one who simply states the ideas and leaves us to wonder whence they came. – This is a good point. CY is a great group, would just be great to know more about it and it’s organizers, whether they are official “officers” or not. I understand the fear that management and/or the board may retaliate against those who identify themselves here as members of CY or in comments, but we are stronger together, and shouldn’t be so fearful of the very people who we “elected” and they “appointed.” I would also love to see a list of the contractors our coop uses. I bet we would find lots of companies somehow related to our elected and appointed officials. Sorry I am being angry today, tried to schedule someone from maintenance to come fix a clogged bathtub drain for days now.

          • C Wills

            CY is predominantly run by some lawyers and finance guys who see the golden goose that Grand Street has become. If you think James Keenan and/or Michael Turner and/or the rest of CY doesn’t plan to somehow benefit from the real estate here, you are extremely naive. No one who holds a real estate license should be allowed to be on the board. Even many honest people have trouble saying “no” when there’s heaps of gold right in front of them.

          • C Wills

            Are you a spin doctor? You have leaders, and they include James Keenan and Lee Berman. Every group has a leader or officers, follows Robert’s Rules, etc., unless it’s a group of hooligans fooling the masses. You need better public relations and you need to stop the deception.

      • C Wills

        It’s a year later, and the “candidates” who are running as a group of four have already been deceptive. They’ve pulled in the older woman because they think she’ll have credibility among the older people here. That’s her only connection to them. Perhaps she’s retired and/or lonely, and now she feels wanted. She has possibly been duped. Why hasn’t Michael Turner identified himself as an attorney? Why hasn’t Swearengin identified himself as an attorney when he’s a financial advisor? Why do four of you have to run together? So that with Lee Berman and the other person, you’ll be a “majority”? With all respect, you are trying to dupe us. Some of us are brighter than you are.

  • Forrest

    The Coopertively Yours Candidates were great tonight. They were smart, progressive and they clearly want to help make the coop a better place to live. They have my vote.
    Charlotte Forrest

    • Thanks for the note, Charlotte — I agree!

      • C Wills

        well, apparently, not smart enough.

    • C Wills

      “Progressive.” You mean like Obama and George Souros? Ummm… no thanks.

  • David Levner

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    The registrant for this web site is in California? Really? I’m using my real name. Why don’t you use your real name?

    • Whois records are often masked so you don’t receive spam, that’s all. Hi, my name is Jeremy Sherber, and I registered the domain name for this website. I live at East River. Do you have a question?

      • David Levner

        Yes. I think Cooperatively Yours makes a valid point that East River Housing should be run more transparently. And I think CY should lead by example by publishing its own budget. This web site is one obvious expense, and the flyers that appear under our doors are another. I’m guessing that one or more individuals are funding CY, and I applaud them, but I would like to know the details. So my question is, how much does it cost to run this web site, who pays for it, and what are all the other expenses of CY?

        • In the last year, we’ve received contributions from over 70 cooperators — some direct contributions, some for community room meetings, and some through our fall fundraiser (t-shirts and totes). Our largest expenses have been for open meetings in the community room to discuss coop finances, to offer feedback on the community room renovation, and to discuss alternatives to the expensive, unpopular pet policy. (Each of those meetings costs $325.) Our flyers have, largely, been contributed by several cooperators with printers. This website costs almost nothing — $12/year for domain name registration. Unlimited websites are included in my own personal web hosting, so CY just tags along. Many of our contributors are also listed as endorsers of our slate on flyers you’ve received in the last few weeks, so you can many names of CY supporters out in the open. Our expenses are open to anyone who has contributed to Cooperatively Yours.

          • David Levner

            Thanks. This goes a long way towards meeting my concerns.

        • C Wills

          thank you. and, Mr. Sherber – if cooperators give your organization $, why would you NOT favor them? Of course you will. It’s the American way.

  • C Wills

    Thank you so much, Bram Weiser. It’s about time someone pointed out the obvious flaws and deceptions perpetrated by this group. I have never been invited to a meeting. Imagine – intimating that the “old guard” has been deceptive, in your opinion, Cooperatively Yours, and yet you cloak everything under a veil of half-truths and spin-doctoring and take advantage of people living here who aren’t as technologically or book savvy as you think you are. Why do you have to run as a group?

  • C Wills

    CY is largely a group of uninformed and/or idealistic and/or greedy folk, very shady. It’s a power-grab, and however much they say management is wasting money, they will, too. They’ll waste it the way they want to and there will be no transparency. To date, they’ve been as transparent as mud. Real estate brokers who don’t identify themselves as real estate brokers? Really? WE ARE NOT STUPID.

  • C Wills

    IDENTIFY who you are. Stop being John Earnest and just name the people — James Keenan, Mike Turner, the third candidate on your slate – the attorney – so that’s two brokers and one attorney so far. Lee Berman, an attorney who doesn’t practice… there – I’ve started the list. Why don’t you finish it. Being evasive is a p.r. tool, but I do p.r. for a living, so I can see what you’re doing. It’s not working. Putting the names of some supporters on the back of the 3,495th flyer we’ve received, (and thrown out), just isn’t helpful. You have a WHOLE website – why not list your supporters and officers right here? You can do it the way a graduation program or any charity does — DONORS $5 – $100… and list those names. DONORS $101-$200″ and then list them. There’s always a solution. If you want to solve a problem.

  • ElizawithaZ

    You are a rogue organization made up of folks who think you have some sort of authority here or that anyone elected you to do anything. You still haven’t identified yourselves, though we know the entire 13th floor of 577 Grand St make up some of your lackies.

  • ElizawithaZ

    Also, no one “hired” you and most of you are just looking to profit from the older cooperators who, had they not stayed here and kept this from becoming another dangerous neighborhood you would not be profiting. Further you must really believe that many of us who have been here since the 90s or before are super-liberal and incredibly stupid. Why else would you attempt to draw an erroneous analogy between the proposed Mexican wall being considered by Trump AND THE GATES BEING BUILT IN EAST RIVER. Let me tell you – most of us know you are a bunch of intimidatng money-hungry wolves who try to intimidate where you can. Two of my friends were shown apartments in the neighborhood — one was shown an apartment by one of your fearless leaders, JIM KEENAN, at Seward Park. And guess what? HE pointed out that the Seward gates were a security feature and made the property even more valuable. Another friend was shown an apartment by MICHAEL TURNER, who fails to tell anyone when he’s running for the board that he’s a REAL ESTATE BROKER. He showed her an apartment in Hillman and proudly pointed out the gated park, telling my friend that it was a bonus, keeping those who don’t live here out. But now, as East River follows suit, you think we’re a bunch of idiots who love Trump or hate Clinton and, like mentally challenged folks perhaps, will think, “Wow – Trump wall — East River gates – very bad and the same.” You are the fascists, you are the carpetbaggers who think you are going to take over the neighborhood many people have called home for generations. And yest, MICHAEL TURNER – everyone should know – works or worked for the same REAL ESTATE AGENCY that had the gall to try and change Harlem, after they threw out black people and sold their apartments to YUPPIES and hipsters, to SOHA. We are so gad that the neighborhood people of Harlem told you to go to hell. And that’s where you belong. So keep trying to pull a coup here — we will legally challenge you at every turn.