Holiday decorating Saturday in Corlears Hook Park

Kids are welcome Saturday afternoon to create holiday decorations, and then to decorate Corlears Hook Park for the season:

Saturday, 2:00 – 3:00 pm
Vladeck Houses Residents Association Community Room
328 Madison Street (down the ramp near Gouverneur Street)

Decorating in Corlears Hook Park
Saturday, 3:00 – 3:30 pm

  • Ernie Yaverbaum

    There are two monstrosities about to be erected next to the
    Bialystoker home on Clinton and East Broadway because the Seward Park
    Board is trying to ram the sale of 162,000 square feet down our throats,
    so that the Ascend Group and its owner Rob Kaliner can build 275,000
    sq/feet with 10.5-foot ceilings. Should that happen, it will negatively
    impact our quality of life from the East River to Essex Street, and
    change the shape and zoning of our neighborhood. The neighborhood will
    become more tightly packed and it will feel less and less like our
    little oasis in the crowded City. Delancey Crossing impacts Broome
    Street more than it impacts Grand Street and East Broadway; now imagine
    how this will impact our whole village when we add so many more people
    on a single corner. There will be more cars taking street parking away,
    more crowding, and more congestion on Grand and East Broadway during
    the five years of construction and even after that.

    The towers are expected
    to be close to 450 feet high, and will add to more difficulties. They
    will be Miami-style white, according to the plans we see, and will
    offend the neighborhood’s sense of style. They will block our sun into
    our apartments and the playgrounds, and will add about 400-500 families
    to one corner of Clinton Street.

    Let’s not forget the precedent we are setting. The new heights will
    now be demanded on every block along Grand Street between Essex and the
    edge of Hillman’s property by Cozy Corner; across from Amalgamated, and
    yes, it will even affect the shuls and shtibles on East Broadway (as
    will the busy construction zone affect those shuls). We should expect
    new air rights claims and zoning changes to match the new heights. The
    opposition to these buildings must be raised at the Grand Street
    Democrats’ meeting about traffic. We are racing against a clock now of a
    vote by the end of February.

    To see more, look at these sites: – Shareholder site presenting critical view of proposed sale of air rights – shareholder site covering various SPC and community issues


    Thank you