Altman allies solidify hold on board of directors

The slate of candidates supported by board president Gary Altman won resoundingly in tonight’s count, giving Altman unanimous support on the board of directors.

Unofficial results brought victory to incumbents Michelle Amar and Dov Goldman, along with newcomers Diane Wong and Steven Barbieri, who ran on a slate supported by Altman.

With board member Peter Herb deciding not to run for re-election after a single term on the board, and Lee Berman being defeated, Altman now has allies sitting in all 11 board seats.

  • Jen Nifer

    Did you ever consider it has nothing to do with the board president but with your own message?

    Lee Berman said he is the only one who did not vote for the maintenance increase, he advertised it. You then post and complain about a deficit. Perhaps some considered that message a clear conflict.

    I do not nor does my neighbor appreciate random people leaving a flyer at my door asking for my vote. From the people I spoke with all concur that is just rude to try to take peoples vote and their choice away from them.

    I wonder who won the direct proxies, who won the vote from people who went to the meeting? That would be most interesting if you have that information to see how people voted, my assumption based on such a large win that people voted for who they preferred.