“We will build a wall … “

No, not that wall … this one:

As promised last year, the Grand Street security fence has started to be erected between buildings 1 and 2 on the south side of the street. East River maintenance workers were outside yesterday and today putting in the first stretch of ironwork, which will, when finished, be painted black with gold spikes, just like the fence in front of the Hillman playground up the street.

As noted by board president Gary Altman in last year’s annual report, the total cost of these fences is expected to be a mere $45,000 because all the fabrication and installation is being done in-house.

Altman emphasized that the fence is not simply to guard against potential trespassers, but to advertise our privileged existence to potential buyers:

“The fence will again be not only a security fence but an enhancement to the value of our apartments as new people look behind the fences and see our beautiful gardens, playgrounds and sitting areas all reserved for those of us lucky enough to call East River our home. Perhaps a key to our private parks will one day carry some of the cache as a key to Gramercy Park has for over a hundred years.”

What do you think about the new fence?

  • Michael Topper

    Nothing says community like a high fence topped with gold spikes! I was really hoping board members had changed their minds about this. Do we really need a high fence? On the other hand I suppose it is an improvement on the neighborly razor wire we’ve decorated our Vladek houses border with.

    • From what I can see recently, the barbed wire has been removed from our parking lot fence along Cherry Street, some chain link fence has been repaired, and dead branches have been removed. I even see a few new small trees planted along the fence inside the parking lot. So there is some improvement here as well. I’m not sure if this going to get fixed all around, but it’s a step in the right direction.

      • ElizawithaZ

        You , mister and your bogus Cooperatively Yours b.s. fascist organization have NOTHING TO DO WITH VLADEK HOUSES. How do you not get this? In fact, the tenants made a personal request to keep Keenan and Wolfe and you and Loeb and Sirico etc., off their property. Even they cant stand you.

      • ElizawithaZ

        Good. I hope someone steals your car.

    • ElizawithaZ

      Really? James Keenan pointed out the exact same gates at Seward to my friend who’s looking to buy down here as a SECURITY FEATURE and a great thing.

  • ElizawithaZ

    Just asking. Again. WHO BELONGS TO COOPERATIVELY YOURS? And Keenen and you other real estate brokers – am betting you point out the fences at Seward Park and Hillman, when you’re selling apartments. But now, let’s make it political. YOU ARE THE REASON TRUMP WON.

  • ElizawithaZ

    At least they are not carpetbaggers like JIM KEENAN and MICHAEL TURNER. Who died and told you to take over our neighborhood. Hey everyone – Michael Turner worked and possibly still works for the same real estate firm that is trying to throw black people out of Harlem, has succeeded to a degree, and had the gall to try and change the name of Harlem to SOHA. But these are classic liberal whites who set different standards for themselves and for “people of color,” who they are afraid to disagree with because that would be “racist.” So glad that the strong foks of Harlem told Keller-Williams to go to hell with their SOHA. Get your asses out of our neighborhoods. Keep running for the board and concealing the fact that your main purpose is to drive prices up here and get rid of the folks who lived here before you vultures tried to take over. We are smarter than you think and we are united. We will beat you every time. Carpetbaggers!

  • ElizawithaZ

    Yes – we wil build a GATE – like Seward Park, like Hillman, like Amalgamated. Is there any way you can retroactvely blame Donald Trump for that. YOU FOLKS are the reason he’s president. Keep it up, snowflakes. BTW – it’s July – shouldn’t you have melted by now?

  • ElizawithaZ

    Jeremy Scherber – frustrated writer-wannabe.