Board fills in cooperative garden with concrete

Just in time for Memorial Day weekend, East River maintenance pulled out all the plantings in the cooperative garden behind building 1 and filled in a large section of the garden with a concrete slab.


Somehow this gorgeous rose bush survived the slaughter:

The garden was started five years ago with the board’s blessing; East River maintenance assisted in preparing the beds. A year later, the board backed away from their support, but cooperators continued to cultivate the area on their own initiative.

Those cooperators this week were given no warning of the landscaping changes, nor any reason for them. (A member of the maintenance crew pouring concrete told me that the snow plows needed the area for snow removal, though I’ve seen snow from the parking lot plowed onto the grass here for several years without any ill effect to the grass or garden.)

  • david

    Doesn’t look like too much is growing.

    • What was growing there got ripped out by the grounds crew on Wednesday.

      • ElizawithaZ

        You really need to stop bending the truth. Loved the gates/wall East River/Mexico bad analogy. So Keenan and Turner can use the gates at Seward Park and Hillman and Amalgamated as a security selling point but when they go up here, you connect to Trump? We are not as stupid as you think we are. In fact, I’m a lot smarter than you.

  • Dorky

    I noticed that the other day and was horrified. Even though I wasn’t using the plots myself, I enjoyed having them there. To destroy them like that, without any notice or discussion, is irresponsible. It’s supposed to be a garden for the cooperators to enjoy.

    • ElizawithaZ

      You’re an idiot, Dorky. You think Scherber and Berman and Kennan are going to save you? Each is out for himself, the complete antitheses of “cooperative.” Do you know why there’s cement there? No? Just let them start a fire and you yell “fire”? Well, they can always use another sheeple. It’s to make sure snow removal vehicles can access the park from all entry points. Sorry some little Chloe or Atticus won’t be able to grow a tomato there.

  • ElizawithaZ

    You should change the name of your group and pathetic newsletter to “Deceptivelty Yours.”