Silver’s appeal set for this week

Disgraced former assemblyman Sheldon Silver has been home on Grand Street even after his 2015 federal conviction on corruption charges, pending appeal. Well, that appeal is finally set for this Thursday in front of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.

At issue is whether Silver’s help getting state funding for cancer specialist Dr. Robert N. Taub in exchange for litigation cases for Silver’s law firm (and referral fees for Silver) constituted “official acts” according to a narrow definition of that term adopted by the Supreme Court last year (McDonnell v. United States).

By the way, the Lo-Down helpfully pointed out that Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew Goldstein, who took the lead in prosecuting Silver in 2015, is still in charge of the case even after Preet Bharara’s dismissal last week as U.S. Attorney.