Board announces another maintenance increase

The board announced a new maintenance increase today, just two weeks after distributing audited financials showing an even greater deficit for the last fiscal year than previously reported.

This is the second increase in a year.

In addition to monthly maintenance for everyone, rates for parking are going up for the first time in years, as are the fees for storage rooms and bike storage.

The board is also promising to recertify the parking lot — which is a fancy way of saying they will make sure that the cars parked in our lots are the ones that are supposed to be there. They also promise a crackdown on motorcycles and storage units that take up extra space in the parking lots.

The board’s memo today says “It is expected that these increases will raise revenue by around $1.2 million a year.” You can read the whole memo here.

Last year’s deficit clocked in at $2.4 million. That won’t be effected at all by this increase.

This year’s budget expects a deficit of $970,000. The new maintenance increases going into effect May 1 would reduce that deficit by approximately $200,000. That’s a $3.2 million shortfall over two years that the board has no plan to cover.

Just for good measure, the board will impose new penalties on owners with pets who defecate or urinate anywhere on coop property. $250 each time your pooch can’t hold it in from the front door to the curb.

  • ElizawithaZ

    That’s fine. I sat at one of your meetings where one of your minions said he didn’t care if mantenance went up to $5,000 a month, and when an older person asked, “What would the old people who live here do,” and you folks answered, “Let their kids pay the maintenance or let them move out.” And you’re the same folks who are so super-vocal about Israeli “settlements.” Isn’t that odd? Keep having your secret meetings, don’t identify yourselves, lie about your motives. You’re not getting your roof garden, you’re not getting valet parking, thanks for destroying our parks with your creepy kids stomping over the landscaping but cry when a little patch of your kids’ gardens are taken away. You are a disgusting group. A 60-year old can no longer sit in one of our parks and read a book without one of your spoiled brat kids kicking a soccer ball into us. Spoiled hipster brats.

  • ElizawithaZ

    And your secret meetings? Remind you of the Nazismuch?