Change starts at home


Last week’s election has affected us all in different ways. In many ways it was a reminder of all the values that are as appropriate to our coop as they are to our country — respect for individuals, elected leadership accountable to their constituents, and the power of voices, when raised appropriately, to be heard.

Many of us are feeling like we could have done more to help shape the future. Here is your chance – as the saying goes, “All politics is local.” You can still help shape the future of our community. Action for positive change starts at home.

We are running for the board of directors to open up communication with all cooperators — to ensure you are consulted and heard before maintenance fees are increased, before shareholders’ heirs become absentee landlords, before 8-foot tall fences are built, and before potentially inadequate planning saddles you with unexpected assessments. Our goal is to add relevant management expertise and fresh, new ideas to the existing board while increasing transparency into major decisions so that your voice is heard.

Please add your name to our campaign.

We just posted the complete results of our recent survey. You can see that the largest area of dissatisfaction among the hundreds of responses is the board’s lack of transparency and the board’s failure to seek input on major decisions. We agree with you! If we are elected, your opinions and input will be solicited, considered, and valued. The financial health of our coop is very important — but equally important is your enjoyment of living here and your satisfaction with the services we receive.

We plan to put just one letter under doors, signed by our supporters. Over a hundred cooperators signed our letter last year — let’s raise that number and show our neighbors that we are no longer willing to be ignored and intimidated.

Please add your name to our campaign.

There is so much we agree on. The diversity and affordability of our coop need to be protected and we want to facilitate an open, respectful conversation about the best way to achieve these goals. If you support us for the board, we will advocate fiercely for transparency, shareholder involvement, and substantive communication.

Cooperatively yours,
Mary Jo Burke
& Julian Swearengin