When they go low, we go high

We did not intend to give the impression that this was an official coop survey. In retrospect I think we should have made that bright and clear, not to put management in an awkward position.

And I’ve been involved with public polling before, so I’m well aware this survey is not going to produce a scientifically vigorous result — but doesn’t it still seem like a worthwhile exercise? You can decide when we publish results in a couple weeks.

October 27, 2016

TO: All Cooperators

FROM: Shulie Wollman, General Manager

Re: Recent Non-Coop Communications

The Management office has received numerous calls, emails and inquiries asking whether a survey distributed this week by all doors was in any way sent or authorized by this office. The answer is NO. All official communications from Management will always be sent on East River Housing Corporation letterhead.

Every year around Board and House Committee election time, the office receives many complaints that a certain group keeps distributing flyer after flyer under the doors. These distributions often have logos or headings that falsely give the impression that they are being sent out by the Coop office. While we cannot stop these distributions or the constant annoying bell ringing during the election cycle, I want you to know that these actions are not sanctioned or authorized by Management.

Management will never distribute a survey, which allows any cooperator to vote an unlimited number of times by merely making copies of the form. This is not like popular television contestant programs where viewers get to vote dozen of times for their favorite performer. In fact, yesterday I received an email from an obviously irate cooperator who wrote, “as we all know from this group’s history, the results of this survey were pre-determined and decided by these people even before they shoved the survey letters under my door.”

Two weeks ago I sent out a letter concerning quality of life issues in our cooperative. The letter resulted in many and only positive responses. As such, Management would never distribute a survey and make it returnable to any apartment let alone some of the very apartments that were the reason for my letter in the first place. These issues include loud music playing late into the night, illegal (non-service registered) dogs and repeated marijuana or other smoking that fills the hallways and staircases of that and surrounding floors with this odor.

Once again, I ask all cooperators to show respect and consideration for their neighbors and fellow cooperators. Thank you.