Crosswalk coming to Cherry Street

Michael Marino of Friends of Corlears Hook announced this weekend that the NYC Department of Transportation will be installing a proper crosswalk on Cherry Street so pedestrians — and, more specifically, people in wheelchairs — can reach Corlears Hook Park safely. A stop sign will also be installed at the crosswalk.

Currently there is no way for people with disabilities to cross Cherry Street to get to and from the park, as there is no cut-through on our side of the street facing the Corlears Hook Park entrance. In addition, residents have complained that the crossing is particularly unsafe for children who may not be taller than the cars parked on the street.

In addition, two “enhanced crossings” will be installed across Jackson Street near the intersection with Cherry. These will not be controlled by a stop sign, but will have signage alerting drivers to pedestrians, and will include cut-throughs for wheelchair access.

Michael Marino, a member of the house committee and the founder of Friends of Corlears Hook, has been instrumental in pushing the DOT for safer access to Corlears Hook Park and, through it, access to the East River. Especially with an East River ferry stop still planned nearby, foot traffic to and from the park is likely to continue to increase.