Cooperative survey will assess quality of life at East River Coop


Cooperatively Yours is launching a coop-wide survey over the next two weeks to assess quality of life in our coop. Please take the time to complete a paper survey we are delivering to every household, or to answer questions online. The entire survey should take you only about 10 minutes to complete, and asks questions about your satisfaction with various coop amenities and your interest level in other possible investments by the coop.

It’s long been a concern by cooperators that the current board and management leave no opportunity for shareholders to express their opinions in an ongoing, helpful way. A quality of life survey such as this one, conducted each year, would give board members and staff guidance regarding what needs improvement, as well as providing deserved thanks for things that are going well.

The survey is completely anonymous, whether completed on paper or online. Please complete your survey by November 4. Cooperatively Yours will compile and share results about ten days after that.