CB3 Transportation Committee endorses safety improvements at Madison and Grand

After hearing descriptions of near-misses at the intersection of Madison and Grand, the CB3 Transportation Committee tonight voted to recommend that the Department of Transportation study ways to improve pedestrian safety at two problematic crosswalks.

The committee was obviously influenced by the number of cooperators in attendance, including board member Lee Berman and house committee members Jeff Super and Michael Marino. In addition, cooperator Yaron Altman, who sits on the committee, spoke in favor of the proposal and encouraged his colleagues to approve the resolution.

The representative from the DOT in attendance had already heard from house committee member Leo Hoenig about the issue, and indicated that there were several options that DOT would consider.

One thing I learned tonight is that the M22 is not meant to park at the intersection — the bus layover is farther down Grand Street where there is more room for buses to take a break. The CB3 district manager said she would ask the NYPD at the 7th Precinct to enforce the proper bus layover.

Thanks to everyone who came out tonight to press our case.