The other race in Tuesday’s primary: Democratic State Committee

Along with selecting Sheldon Silver’s replacement on Tuesday, Democrats in our district will be asked to select a representative to the Democratic State Committee, a largely ceremonial party post. The State Committee is officially involved in nominating state-wide candidates like governor and U.S. senator, though, practically speaking, those nominations are decided by primaries. (In other parts of the state, these representatives may also take part in judicial nominations, but in New York City elected district leaders have more influence over that process.)

There are three candidates for the post:

  • Lee Berman is a member of the East River board of directors.
  • Dodge Landesman ran unsuccessfully for City Council seven years ago — when he was in the 11th grade. (Website)
  • Christopher Marte was raised in the lower east side and has worked in investment. (Website)

The post is open because the incumbent, John Quinn (Alice Cancel’s husband), is not running for re-election.