Cancel picks up tarnished endorsement from Silver-Rapfogel club

Alice Cancel has been dogged by allegations all year that she is Sheldon Silver’s hand-picked successor. Win or lose, she’ll be unable to escape that shadow now that Silver’s political allies in the local Democratic club have gone public with their support.

A flyer this weekend from the Truman Democratic Club — the Silver-Rapfogel Grand Street political machine — announced its official endorsement of Cancel.

Cancel won the Democratic nomination in February for the special election in a closed party process that many decried because of the influence of cooperator Judy Rapfogel, Silver’s chief of staff. When voters had their say in April, Cancel won the 3-way race but, notably, lost East River to Yuh-Line Niou. After convictions of Sheldon Silver and William Rapfogel, Tuesday’s vote will be another big test of whether the local club still has political influence on Grand Street.

Rapfogel endorses Cancel