Another cooperator endorsement, this one for Rajkumar

Two weeks ago we asked cooperators to send in their personal endorsements for candidates for Tuesday’s primary. We also reached out to each of the six campaigns for endorsements from East River Cooperators. Today we received this endorsement for Jenifer Rajkumar from Steven Cheslik-DeMeyer, who has lived at East River just over a year:

jenifer-rajkumarJenifer Rajkumar knocked on our door one night last week after dinner to ask for our support in her campaign for State Assembly. We stood at the door and talked for more than 20 minutes about the neighborhood, this election, city politics, and her background. She, and the conversation, were remarkable. She was genuinely interested in my concerns about the neighborhood and answered my questions clearly, frankly, and showing a deep knowledge of community issues. She came across as progressive, politically savvy, and razor sharp. The fact that she came door to door to introduce herself, and to ask us about the issues important to us, indicates to me a desire to work hard and do what it takes be a true representative of her neighbors.

I moved to New York in 1981 and have lived mostly in the East Village and Lower East Side. In all that time, I’ve never been canvassed personally like that. All the Democrats running against Alice Cancel have similar progressive politics, but I think we need someone smart, persuasive, and hard-working like Rajkumar in the Assembly. We need more strong, ambitious young woman Democrats in city politics, and Rajkumar won my vote.

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