AD65 coverage picks up prior to Tuesday’s vote

The race for Sheldon Silver’s seat in the NYS Assembly has been getting a lot of press in the days ahead of Tuesday’s primary.

The Wall Street Journal had a lengthy look at the candidates, focusing on how they stand up to Silver’s tarnished legacy. Paul Newell, who challenged Silver directly in a primary eight years ago, accused Alice Cancel, the special election winner in April, of being too close to Silver’s “old-line machine background” that is “not the world we live in anymore.” Cancel’s supporters have always disputed the notion that she is Silver’s hand-picked successor, despite the high-profile support in April of members of Silver’s inner circle including his chief of staff, cooperator Judy Rapfogel.

The WSJ also reveals the fact that Silver, according to board of election records, did not vote in April’s special election. (Now sentenced for federal corruption, Silver is ineligible to vote on Tuesday.)

The New York Times ran an article last week highlighting the diversity of the six Democrats and how that might play out with the many ethnic groups in the district. If identity politics win out, the three candidates born in Asia — Don Lee, Gigi Li, and Yuh-Line Niou — could split the growing Chinatown block. Cancel, the only Latino candidate in the race, indicated she was counting on affinity groups playing a big part in the outcome. Though an analysis by a voter data expert said that by far the largest block of prime voters (who are more likely to come out for a primary) are of European descent, which could favor Paul Newell, the only white male in the crowded field.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a bit of information on each candidate to help you make up your mind, read this article from Gotham Gazette, which does a good job of providing a 10,000-foot view of the race.