Memo: Stay off the roof!

Fine Fare 7-14-16

Manager Shulie Wollman warns of “extremely expensive replacement cost” to “aging” roofs if cooperators sneak up to watch fireworks on Monday:

To: All Cooperators

From: Shulie Wollman, Manager

Re: July 4th

With the July 4th Holiday weekend approaching, I wanted to write and remind all cooperators that for safety, security and possible damage to our aging roofs, entry to the roofs in our 4 buildings is prohibited at all times.

Security guards will once again be posted on all roofs before and during the fireworks display. In many areas the edges of our roofs are lined, for the security of our cooperators, with razor sharp wire. Additionally our very expensive roofs are now over 25 years old and any non essential walking on the roofs may cause damage that could result in costly repairs borne by all cooperators. The longer we can maintain our top of the line roofs in good condition the better we will be able to avoid an extremely expensive replacement cost.

In the past a few cooperators have selfishly disregarded our notices, entered the roof and verbally and implicitly threatened our guards. This disrespect toward our staff should not be tolerated by any cooperator. Please stay off our roofs and may everyone enjoy a safe holiday weekend and summer.