Gym reopens today at 5 pm

Message from management:

June 9, 2016

To: All Fitness Center Members

From: Shulie Wollman, Manager

Re: Reopening the Fitness Center

The Board of Directors and Management are happy to announce that our newly renovated fitness center is ready to reopen ahead of schedule today, June 9, at 5 P.M. The gym equipment has all been installed and is ready for your use and enjoyment.

All new televisions have also been installed. A necessary part, which allows control of the television channel and volume from the gym equipment will be arriving in a few days. We did not want to delay the reopening waiting for these parts to arrive.

In the meantime, each television will be preset with closed captioning to a specific channel and we ask that no one touch the televisions until the upgrade is completed.

The center was out of service for 10 days and great effort was made to refurbish the entire room as quickly and as beneficially as possible. Every fitness center member will be receiving a $10 credit per member on their maintenance bill to cover the lost use of the gym during the days closed.

We hope that everyone will enjoy using the new equipment for many healthy years to come.

You, too, can look like this!
You, too, can look like this!