NY1: Valet parking at Seward brings revenue, controversy

NY1 ran a story yesterday on changes in parking policy at our sister coop, Seward Park.

Seward parking.
Seward parking.

Seward has a new vendor running their parking garage with valet parking, meaning spots can be reconfigured and cars can be packed tighter, allowing more people to get monthly spots (they expect room for about 100 more cars). Valet parking also allows for day parking, meaning the spots can bring in more revenue during times when they would normally sit empty.

Some residents, apparently, are not sold on the idea, with one on camera complaining about someone else driving his car.

Cooperators at East River have long asked our board and management to look into increasing the parking spots available to residents. The Delancey lot has wider driving lanes than are necessary and could probably add a handful of new spots if the area was redrawn. Board member Tommy Schlanger voiced his support at last year’s meet the candidates night for an old idea to add car lifts in that lot to increase the number of spots available. And many residents have noticed that cars not explicitly granted rights to park in our lots nevertheless do so because of on-the-sly spot trading among residents. The board last year asked management to recertify all the spots — meaning to make sure people who are parking there are allowed to park there — but as yet there has been no change to policy here.