Two suspects arrested in local attacks

Police have apprehended two suspects in the recent neighborhood attacks, according to Hillman board member Mathew Quezada. Earlier today, Mathew wrote on Facebook:

I have great news to report. First, thank you to the ER and Hillman shareholders who came to the community meeting at the 7th Precinct last week. It showed Captain Hellman that we were concerned and wanted quick action to find these perpetrators. With all of our help, 2 out of three were arrested yesterday, and yes, they know who the third one is! Our streets are safer for all of us, just be careful and aware of your surroundings!

A few days ago, East River board member Lee Berman reported on the 7th precinct community meeting:

The captain of the 7th precinct believes that there is a small group of youths from the neighborhood who are committing these acts. He believes that they will be caught and recommends that everyone remain aware of their surroundings and stay vigilant. He explained that the NYPD relies on neighborhood property owners and businesses for help in providing security camera footage and that it is invaluable.

He claims that we don’t need to worry about letting our kids walk home alone from school because these youths haven’t attacked kids. Yet. I requested that he increase patrols at 3:00-4:00 when schools let out and he agreed to do so.

There was a larger than usual turn out at the precinct meeting last night due to concern about these attacks. A Hillman resent who was assaulted attended along with Mathew Quezada of the Hillman board and at least half a dozen other concerned Hillman residents. I was pleased to see a large turnout from East River also. Jeff Super, Ellen Renstrom, Michael Marino, and Ted Pender attended from the house committee, along with an additional 10 or so other concerned East River residents.

One attendee asked about an attack that occurred earlier in the day at Seward Park involving teachers from the Edgies who took a preschool class to the park. Apparently two of the teachers were assaulted by someone in the park while their students watched. Unfortunately he was not yet aware of the situation.

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