Memo: Snow update

The snow has all but ended; still some flurries possible through 3:00 am. Sunday will be clear with a high of 35.

Management this evening sent the following update on cleanup efforts:

January 23, 2016

TO: All Shareholders
East River Housing / Hillman Housing

FROM: Shulie Wollman

Re: Snowstorm/ Removal/ Safety

We continue to monitor the snowstorm now affecting our area. Following a late afternoon assessment, we are concentrating our snow removal efforts primarily on Grand Street. Earlier today sections of walkways and lots were cleared, but the continued snowfall has overwhelmed these efforts. We will make sure Grand St. sidewalks are plowed and accessible. The travel ban earlier today helped us in rerouting snow removal from the parking lots.

We have a full crew working around the clock and will direct resources to all areas, multiple times, as we continue to work through the night, tomorrow and Monday. Please be patient, as this cleanup will take several days.

Relax indoors and enjoy the snow from your window!