Anonymous smears are an insult to you as much as they are to us

Dear Neighbors,

The unsigned letter distributed throughout the coop since Thanksgiving is more than an attempt to damage our campaign — it’s a challenge to your conscience.

The authors of this attack want you to be afraid, or confused, or disgusted. Ask yourself, is this the best argument they can make for why the incumbents should be returned to office again? And, if it is, why not sign their names? To ask the question is to answer it.

We will not be intimidated by slander, and neither should you.

  • Jim Keenan and Mike Turner are real estate professionals, and both agreed to and signed an unprecedented conflict of interest statement written by East River’s corporate counsel.
  • Mike does not list with AirBnB or any other service and has never sublet his apt.
  • Jim’s issue with Stuy Town is a private matter with his family and has no bearing on the coop.

Our campaign has been based on policy disagreements, not personal ones.

  • We believe the current board majority is increasing our debt at a dangerous rate. The coop now owes $25,000,000 — that’s a $15,000 maintenance increase for each of you that the board just hasn’t told you about yet.
  • We want security taken more seriously. Last week’s rape at the East River bandshell is a wake-up call to repair broken locks, security cameras, and lights around our property, and to crack down on deliverymen who keep keys to the coop.
  • We think the recent change in sublease policy will dramatically reduce our income as owners are encouraged to rent instead of sell. The policy needs to be reexamined.

Do not let yourself be manipulated by anonymous smears. Vote to reaffirm the guiding principles of cooperative living.

Cooperatively yours,

James Keenan
Faith Schreier
Julian Swearengin
Mike Turner

P.S. It’s not too late to counter hateful anonymous attacks with open-minded, respectful policy-making. You can still vote! Come to the annual meeting on Tuesday at 7:30 pm, or return a general proxy to one of us or our delegates before then.