Support our fall campaign

All items available through October 9 only.Buy now!

Cooperatively Yours is gearing up for a fall campaign — we’ll again be endorsing candidates for East River board of directors and house committee, enlisting volunteers to contact neighbors about our cooperative proposals, and asking for your votes by proxy or in person at the annual meeting (probably on Dec. 1).

To show your support in the neighborhood, and help us cover the cost of printing flyers that help share our message, we’re offering this new fundraising campaign. Buy a t-shirt or tote bag for $20 each through and a percentage of your purchase will go toward our fundraising account. These items are for sale through October 9 only.



The t-shirt comes in all sizes, including youth sizes. The tote bag comes in just one size, but you know you can always use another tote bag, right?

Displaying our logo around the coop will also help let your neighbors know that Cooperatively Yours is not a bunch of rabble-rousing instigators, but a movement of clear-thinking cooperators just like you who are determined to reaffirm the guiding principles of cooperative living: Democratic Governance, Shared Responsibility, Constant Education, and Mutual Respect.

Buy your t-shirt or tote bag today — this fundraising event ends on October 9.

Update: Kids’ t-shirts are also now available here.