DOT half-measure makes Cherry/FDR safer for buses but not pedestrians

Cherry-FDR parking
These four parking spaces have been removed from Cherry Street.

The Department of Transit has added No Standing signs to a portion of Cherry Street that will give buses a clearer turn off the FDR access road, but has not given pedestrians a clear, protected crosswalk for getting into Corlears Hook Park.

The new signage eliminates four parking spaces on Cherry Street where buses have to make a tight right turn. But further measures suggested to DOT are not being implemented.

In particular, while a full crosswalk is unlikely without more foot traffic, a sidewalk cut on the park side of the street is necessary for wheelchairs and strollers to cross safely. Persons in wheelchairs currently need to ride in the street to the park entrance halfway up the block, or go all the way up to Jackson Street to find a way across Cherry.