Make your voice heard: Vote in our dog poll

Earlier this month, cooperators met to discuss the ramifications of a settlement with the U.S. Attorney permitting service and support animals at East River, and to debate whether it was time to alter our strict no-pet policy, as Hillman and Seward have done over the past few years.

The result of that meeting was two opposing policy proposals:

  • The first proposal supports the current policy — that is, no dogs allowed — but urges management to enforce that policy in a way that limits the attorney fees have piled up over the past few years ($1.2 million and counting).
  • The second proposal asks for a change in coop policy to let dogs live here in peace, allowing for DNA registration and a formal complaint process that would give management the opportunity to evict dogs that exhibit bad behavior.

Which position more closely resembles yours? Vote with the paper survey distributed to your door, or online right here the poll is now closed, results to be announced shortly.

Click above to vote online.

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