Memo: Building 4 laundry room will be back online this weekend

Residents of building 4 received this email today:

May 21, 2015



After an arduous period of pipe and floor repair and replacement, we are happy to report the reopening of the laundry room in Building 4, on Friday, May 22, at 6 p.m.

As you know, Building 4 underwent a sewer line rupture requiring extensive replacement of the main sewer pipe for the entire building, coupled with the total rebuilding and replacement of all nine drain lines under the laundry room floor. It was a very big job and as the work proceeded underground we continued to find new problems and it was the determination of Management and the Board to fix and repair all these problems at one time.

Once the pipes had been removed and replaced, the floor in the laundry required new concrete and tiles. It was after that process that most of the laundry machines were placed back and connected. A few machines will not be able to be hooked up until June 3, but we wanted to reopen the room as soon as possible.

Due to the length of time these repairs took, we understand the frustration cooperators experienced not having access to their laundry room, but there was no alternative, and we wanted the work to be done now and be done right.

Our buildings are sixty years old and though we do not look or wish for things to happen, we realize that when they do, events will inconvenience cooperators and disrupt our normal routines, until repairs are complete. Our pipes and sewer lines, as we all know, are mostly behind our apartment walls or underground and cannot be checked without digging up our property or breaking everyone’s kitchen and bathroom walls. This prohibitive cost and destruction are things that we will of course not subject our cooperators to.

We hope you enjoy the repaired laundry room and apologize for the discomfort this outage has caused. We will work to keep the new laundry room clean and trouble free for your use for the next sixty years!

Thank you for your patience and we very much appreciate your support and understanding during this repair period.