East River Coop policy on dogs

In preparation for our open meeting on June 1, let’s review our own official policy.

From the proprietary lease:

Dogs and Other Animals. No dogs or other animals or pets shall be kept or harbored in the Apartment, unless the Lessor’s prior written consent shall have been obtained in each instance. Violation by the Lessee of this provision shall constitute a breach of a substantial obligation of tenancy and of this lease.

The Lessee expressly agrees that the Lessor shall not be deemed to have waived the provisions of this Article by reason of having had notice or knowledge of a violation of such provisions unless (1) the Lessee has personally delivered written notice that the Lessee is harboring a pet to the Lessor’s management office and (2) the Manager of the Lessor has signed and dated a copy of that written notice to signify that he or she has received it. The Lessee further agrees that nothing in this Article shall be construed as a waiver of any of the Lessor’s rights hereunder or applicable law.

And, from the house rules:

27. Dogs and Other Animals. The Lessee agrees to comply with the provisions hereof prohibiting the harboring of dogs or other animals or pets. The Lessee understands that the harboring of such animals creates a substantial inconvenience for fellow lessees and for the Lessor’s staff. In particular, the Lessee recognizes that animals’ wastes foul the Development, that barking dogs can disturb other lessees and that large animals can frighten the many children and elderly residents of the Development. The Lessee hereby further agrees that the no-animal provision in this lease shall be deemed a substantial obligation of the Lessee’s tenancy.