Altman: dogsuit settlement not final yet

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After the New York Post reported last month that the U.S. Attorney and East River had reached an $85,000 settlement on the discrimination suit against the coop, cooperator Tommy Loeb wrote to board president Gary Altman to request a full accounting of this lawsuit and other lawsuits filed by the coop against pet owners.

After our annual meeting in December, Mr. Altman admitted that the coop’s legal fees related to dog litigation was $575,000 for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2014.

The line item for “legal & audit” expenses in the coop’s annual report has increased dramatically in the past three years as pet owners have been pursued — an increase of $1.2 million over the 2009-2011 baseline. The board of directors has reported that $195,000 has been recouped from our insurance provider, but the coop’s insurance saw a spike last year of $292,000, possibly in response to increased litigation.

Mr. Altman reported to Mr. Loeb this week that the settlement had not yet been finalized, and so a full accounting could not yet be delivered.