Dogsuits drag on and on while costs mount

The New York Law Journal reported earlier this month that a motion by East River to dismiss one of the three tenants on whose behalf the U.S. Attorney is suing the coop was denied in federal court. (The New York Journal requires a free registration to read their article.)

Furthermore, a motion by East River to challenge the government’s claim that the coop’s behavior toward these three cooperators establishes a “pattern and practice” was also denied.

Southern District Judge Edgardo Ramos issued a detailed 64-page ruling against East River’s motions, allowing the government’s case to continue without change.

legal expenses

Legal fees for the coop continue to mount as coop-initiated lawsuits against dog owners have increased and since the U.S. Attorney’s discrimination case against the coop was filed in December, 2013. The line item for legal and audit expenses has increased 462% over the past three years, costing the coop an additional $1.2 million. The board of directors revealed in their recent newsletter that $195,000 in legal fees has been recouped from our insurance carrier — though the coop’s insurance expenses also increased by $292,000 last year, the first substantial increase in at least five years, possibly related to our excess litigation.