Should East River be paying for bad publicity?


The NY Post today has another story about the lawsuits against East River shareholders whose service dogs were deemed illegitimate by our board and management. ER continues to press eviction cases against shareholders in housing court even while a federal discrimination case is pending.

Why does the Post keep running stories about our little conflicts? The cooperator in question had no comment for the press, nor did his lawyer. The U.S. Attorney’s office had no comment (though the article quotes a letter from Preet Bharara seeking to halt the eviction until the federal case is settled).

ER lawyer Bradley Silverbush and his Lamborghini.
ER lawyer Bradley Silverbush and his Lamborghini.

The only party going on record is East River’s lawyer, Bradley Silverbush of Rosenberg & Estis, whose publicist Shea Communications keeps getting his name — and ours — in the papers.

That might be good publicity for a lawyer looking for clippings, but it’s bad publicity for a family-oriented coop looking for prospective buyers. Maybe it’s time our board tells Silverbush to stop seeking the spotlight at our expense.