Mayor announces ferry service at Grand Street

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced today expansion of NYC’s ferry service in all five boroughs, including two additional stops on the east side at 23rd St. and Grand St.

The proposed route would connect north to Astoria and south to Wall St, where one could transfer to additional points along the East River and around the upper harbor.

House committee member Joseph Hanania set up a petition two years ago to bring a ferry stop to Grand Street that brought in over 600 signatures and won the support of our local representatives. He explained back then that the stop was a missing link along the waterfront, connecting to three bus lines that dive into Manhattan as well as all the playing fields in East River Park.

The NYC Economic Development Corporation released a report last year showing how ferry service had led to a jump in home values within an eighth of a mile of service stops by 8 percent above normal market rate.

As envisioned, the Grand Street stop would not open until 2018.

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Proposed Routes for NYC's Expanded Ferry Service.