Do you know Harold Jacob’s email address?

Good news! Management has now published individual email addresses for each member of the staff. If you have a general question and don’t know who to reach out to, you should still use the email address But if you do know whom you want to talk to, here are the staff email addresses:

Harold Jacob General Manager
Shulie Wollman Asst. General Manager / Operations
Sol Wenig Controller
Harry Packer Assistant Controller
Elliot Caplan Manager
Galina Palis Assistant Manager
Evelyn Perez Accounts Receivable/Payable
Helen Lutenberg Accounts Receivable/Payroll
Shifra Weitz Receptionist


Here’s a really useful online tool that’s been around for a couple of years that you might not know about: an online maintenance request form. You’ll get a confirmation email and a call back pretty quickly to make an appointment. (If you have a maintenance emergency, they still recommend that you give them a call: 212-677-5744.)

House Committee

As long as we’re cataloging East River contact information, the house committee still has just one general email address — You may not get a reply right away, but someone usually responds in a reasonable amount of time.

Board of Directors

That leaves our board of directors as the only difficult-to-reach set of principles at East River. Their recently delivered newsletter lists as their online contact, but that email address actually goes to someone at the management office. The newsletter also suggests that you can mail correspondence to their attention at 530 Grand Street, which is a nice old-fashioned touch. Cooperatively Yours will be pushing to get a more direct line of communication with the board.