Questions answered by board prez

Two cooperators have forwarded answers they received from board president Gary Altman to questions they posed at last week’s annual meeting.

Tommy Loeb asked how much of this year’s $723,710 for “legal and audit” was billed to pursue dog owners and defend against the federal lawsuit against the coop. Here’s the answer from Altman:

I wanted to follow up on your question at the annual meeting regarding legal expenses spent on dog litigation during the past fiscal year. The amount is approximately $575,000. It is expected that our insurance company will reimburse the Corporation for a substantial portion of this amount.

In addition the New York State Division of Human Rights will be forwarding a $60,000 check by the end of the month in recognition of their settlement and agreement that they were wrong in re-instating and continuing certain actions against the Corporation in these matters after the Supreme Court had ruled in our favor.

Stephanie Aaron  asked about the line item for “Stationery, printing and office supplies” this year listed as an expense of $57,106. Here is the answer Altman sent her:

I wanted to follow up on your question at the annual meeting regarding the line in the financial report entitled ‘Stationery, printing and office supplies.’

This line which the independent auditor creates and names includes the following items & approximate expenses for the management, maintenance, security and boiler room staff:
– Office Supplies, $12,500
– Postage, $15,000
– Dinner Allowance for 32BJ Workers, $7,065 (required under our Maintenance Department Union contract)
– Xerox Machines, $8,950
– Stationery & Printing, $12,700
– Computer Expense, $750.