NY Times: Silver under investigation for ties to East River tax cert lawyers

SheldonSilverThe New York Times is reporting that Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is under federal investigation for “substantial” unreported income from the tax certiorari firm that has represented East River Housing Corp for many years.

According to the article, Silver has received money from the firm Goldberg & Iryami for over a decade without disclosing that information on financial disclosure forms as required by law. It is not known what work Silver was being compensated for.

Goldberg has represented East River and Hillman, as well as many other properties on the lower east side, for the purpose of lowering property tax bills. Firms such as these typically receive from their clients a percentage of the reduction they win from the city.

The Times cites unnamed sources “with knowledge of the matter.” They printed no comment from the FBI, the US Attorney, or Speaker Silver.