Download and sign a proxy

It’s too late now to mail in a directed proxy, so if you are supporting Lee Berman, Peter Herb, Heather Hubbs, and Don Mathisen and you have any doubt at all about being able to make it to the annual meeting this Monday, you should sign a general proxy to be sure your vote is counted.

You can still go on Monday, of course — in fact, you can skip the long line at the desk and just go right in to the auditorium. Your proxy will be counted just the same.

Click the image below for your building and return it to the apartment highlighted at the bottom of the form anytime this weekend.

General Proxy Dec 2014 - Bldg 1-1
453-455-457 FDR Drive (Building 1)
General Proxy Dec 2014 - Bldg 2-1
573-575-577 Grand Street (Building 2)
General Proxy Dec 2014 - Bldg 3-1
568-570-572 Grand Street (Building 3)
General Proxy Dec 2014 - Bldg 4-1
473-475-477 FDR Drive (Building 4)

Note: If you attend Monday’s meeting and you do sign in at the front desk your proxy will be invalidated and you must vote with the ballot you receive.