Water filtration memo

filtration system
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From general manager Harold Jacob:

October 31, 2014

Dear East River Cooperators:

Various complaints have been brought to my attention regarding the decreased water pressure and the fact that sediment or dirt was found in the water filters.

Please be advised that East River has three large water filters in each building housing a water tank. These filters contain charcoal, granite and filtering earth to remove the dirt. Therefore, this problem should not be happening.

Please understand the water, which comes into our buildings travels through antiquated pipes originating from reservoirs in Upstate New York. There is ample opportunity for dirt and sediment to be gathered in this way.

To attempt to resolve the issue, I contacted the filter company to request that they replace all the components of the filtration system and see if that solves the problem.

Below you will see a copy of the specifications of our filtering system. Please be assured that I will continue working on this matter until I have it resolved. We will keep you updated.


Harold Jacob
General Manager

Also, don’t forget that you can probably clear up your own water pressure by cleaning the aerators in your faucet.