Memo: Update to water test and kWh rates

Email from management yesterday:

Dear East River Cooperators:

We have received numerous comments regarding the water test results that we sent out on November 19. Please be advised that the laboratory will be doing a second round of testing to make sure the water meets the highest standards. We will post the new report as well.

On a positive note, let us bring it to your attention that the December month delivery charge for electricity will be 50% lower, 7.57¢/kWh (in comparison with 15.56¢/kWh in the month of November) bringing your total electric charge for the month of December to 18.82¢/kWh. Therefore, your electric bill will be significantly reduced (reminder, in December you are charged for the September electric usage).

H. Jacob

First of all, I didn’t think the water tests needed an update — no E.Coli is a good thing, right? — I thought we were still waiting for an answer about the  decreased water pressure. Maybe management has moved on.

Second, this bit about the electric bill is still unexplained. Browsing through the ConEd schedule of rates for delivery service that one cooperator brought to our attention, it’s clear that there can be considerable variability in this charge based on usage, overall energy consumption, state and local taxes, even the season. Are these rate changes now more extreme? Or is Mr. Jacob just bringing something to our attention that has always been happening?