Corlears Hook trees to be felled

Two years out, the effects of Superstorm Sandy are still being felt in our neighborhood.

corlears trees
Dead trees walking


Since the spring, the tree population of East River Park has been thinned significantly as trees suffering the long-term effects of salt water intrusion have been felled by the parks department. Now the carnage is coming to Corlears Hook, where over a dozen large trees have been marked for removal, mostly along the service road next to the FDR.

Of course, the Hook suffered during the storm itself, losing a dozen trees, including three of the beautiful magnolias that comprise the park’s arboreal heart.

Any new plantings will need to conform to new guidelines that allow only for kinds of trees that won’t be killed by another flood.

A new group, Friends of Corlears Hook Park, has been established to help coordinate community involvement — contact them if you are interested in getting involved.