What’s our policy on posters?

The coop’s policy on posters has never been clear to me.


The bulletin boards by the mailboxes seem to have “official” communications, like the Shabbos elevator schedule. These boards are locked, so presumably you need to get management to post your notice there.

Exquisite chaos.
Exquisite chaos.

Laundry room bulletin boards are a brilliant free-for-all — though some buildings are tidier than others, apparently with self-appointed weekly curators.

Out of bounds?

But what about the sleeves installed on the ground floors by each elevator bank? Shiva notices compete with maintenance bulletins, next to community events (and, yes, Cooperatively Yours communiques). Can any cooperator post (and remove) whatever they wish? How long should a notice stay up? Should there be a size limit?

Every once a while you’ll find this seal of approval, but there’s obviously no enforcement.


I’m not saying there needs to be an official policy or lock-step enforcement. I admit that it bothers me when Cooperatively Yours announcements are removed (as now happens routinely in some sections), but that’s life. When we first started putting up notices a couple years ago, I asked the black hole (contact@coopvillage.coop) for a set of rules but never got a reply. With these pictures to illustrate, I’ll try again Monday.