Not content to let any cooperative deed go unpunished, the board of directors has taken over Halloween!

For the past five or six years, cooperator Lee Berman has organized the trick-or-treat list at East River. He’s put out sign-up sheets at the security desks in all four buildings, then collected and compiled apartment numbers onto lists for families to follow on Halloween. It’s not a huge job, and he’s never made a big deal out of it. But I think the cooperators with children who celebrate the holiday, as well as those who like to give candy to someone else’s smiling kids, would agree that Lee deserves a thank you.


Our board of directors apparently feels different. They think the sign-up sheets he’s been using now count as “electioneering” because they have his email address listed in case parents have any questions. So today management was ordered by the board to put out new sign-up lists, on official East River stationery. One staff member was seen this afternoon meticulously copying names from the old lists to the new lists.

For good measure, the board also ordered the color posters with  a link to our online sign-up form to be taken down — more “electioneering”, apparently, because Cooperatively Yours cares about not only Halloween and chili, but also strengthening our financial security, protecting cooperators’ safety and health, and sharing ideas and information with openness and respect.

IMG_4073 (1)Guess what: my 7-year-old doesn’t care who gets credit for the trick-or-treat list, just as long as he can dress like a psycho killer and eat fistfuls of candy corn. Right? That’s how Lee’s kids feel too, and, I’m guessing, yours.

The only people with a different idea are the ones who run the place.

Note: you can still sign up online to hand out candy on Friday night and we’ll share whatever names we’ve gathered with the management office so that they can compile a complete list.