Candidate Cover Sheet — information on running

Candidates for the board of directors and the house committee have until October 23 at 5:00 p.m. to submit a 1-page bio with photograph to the management office at 530 Grand Street. At the same time, they are expected to read and sign a Candidate Cover Sheet that you can pick up anytime the management office is open.

This cover sheet outlines the duties and responsibilities of elected members of the board and house committee.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: A member is expected: to attend all meetings of the Board held once a month throughout the year; to serve as an officer of the Board if so directed; to serve (if appointed) as a delegate to community and other cooperative organizations; to serve on committees of the Board if so directed. A member is expected to actively participate in the review and determination of policy while avoiding the details of day-to-day management. A member has the fiscal responsibility to determine and review income and expenditures. A member must be in full compliance with all the provisions of our Lease and By-laws.

HOUSE COMMITTEE: A member is actively concerned with matters pertaining to the quality of life in the cooperative community. Meetings are held monthly except during the summer. Attendance at meetings as well as active service on one or more of the House Committees subcommittees is expected. The members of the Committee discuss issues related to the cooperative and make non-binding recommendations to the Board of Directors and/or Management. Some members will share in the input and feedback of various community groups. A MEMBER IS EXPECTED TO MAINTAIN THE CONFIDENTIALITY OF THE COMMITTEE. A member must be in full compliance with all the provisions of our Lease and By-laws.

In addition, our bylaws indicate that in order to run for the board, you must have been a shareholder for at least two years prior to the date of the election, and cannot be in arrears for two or more months’ of maintenance at the time of the election. You cannot be an employee of the coop or a relative of an employee. And you cannot also be a commercial tenant of the coop, or have any interest in a commercial tenant. (No such conditions, as far as I can tell, are placed on running for the House Committee.)