Arthur Approaches

Not sure what Arthur will bring, but management wants you to know that they’ve learned something since 2012:


To: All Shareholders
East River Housing Corporation

From: Harold Jacob

Re: Approaching Weather

As the first hurricane of the season, ‘Arthur’ approaches our area, it brings to mind Hurricane Sandy. According to updated reports, we are not expecting much, but nonetheless we are reminded from experience that preparedness is the key.

In East River, should it become necessary, we have stand-by generators to keep the water running and provide emergency lights in the always and stairwells. Also, we will provide charging stations for cell phone use. Please have on-hand the usual items; flashlights, batteries, food, etc. and any necessary medicines you require prior to storm arrival.

For those with balconies or terraces, please clear any plants or loose debris from these areas, which could damage property or hurt passersby.

If you need our Maintenance department for any reason, please telephone 212-677-5744.

Thank you.