Mission Statement — Join Us!

To reaffirm the guiding principles of cooperative living: Democratic Governance, Shared Responsibility, Constant Education, and Mutual Respect.

Abraham Kazan, the father of cooperative housing in the United States (and on Grand Street), charged all members of cooperative communities “to exert their efforts to run this cooperative and make it more useful and more interesting for all who live in these apartments.”

Cooperatively Yours chooses to accept that invitation at East River Coop.

Together, we will work to increase participation in our annual shareholders’ meeting with the goal of engaging cooperators more fully in the ongoing betterment of our community.

We will endeavor to improve communication among cooperators and with our board of directors.

We will help elect candidates for the board of directors who demonstrate a commitment to these cooperative principles.

If you support the mission of Cooperatively Yours and want to help us achieve our goals, please sign on below.

If you are ready to take on a leadership role, please indicate your interest by marking “Floor Captain” (responsible for connecting with your immediate neighbors) or “Section Chief” (managing the volunteers in your column).