LES Development in the News

A couple of news items this week about different kind of development proposed for our neighborhood …

This post at the Lo-Down introduces what is sure to be an interesting debate among public housing advocates — NYCHA is planning to sell or lease some of its property to developers for luxury rentals and retail. Nearest to us, the Baruch Houses on the other side of Delancey have been identified as having room for a hi-rise, possibly where the parking lot now is.

And this article in the Times outlines yet another iteration of East River Park upgrades, this time from Scott Stringer’s office. Highlights include building a pedestrian & bike bridge over the FDR at 14th St. to avoid the bottleneck at the Con Ed plant, two boat launches in Stuyvesant Cove, and flood mitigation structures and vegetation.

And with the SPURA RFP going out sometime this year, we’re looking at a lot of changes to our neighborhood in the next 5-10 years.