Unusual Information from Board of Directors

Another storm-related memo in our email inboxes tonight, this one with three odd bits of information:

We would like to remind you to make sure that you have proper supplies at your home, such as water, food, flashlights and batteries, since the weather report was correct and another storm is upon us. We wish to assure you that both the Maintenance Department and Boiler Room will be fully staffed, and Management will be open to be helpful to any resident in need.

Residents of low-lying areas like Long Beach are being warned that some areas hit by last week’s storm could flood again during the current nor’easter, but so far there have not been any similar warnings for us. Should we be filling our tubs with water? Will Management be open even if power is lost? Hopefully we won’t have the need to find out.

Due to the effects of Hurricane Sandy and our continuing efforts to normalize operations at the Co-op, the annual meeting that was to be held on November 27th, 2012 will be rescheduled to a later date. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Considering that we were able to hold a full federal election yesterday, only one week after Sandy hit, it’s surprising with three more weeks to prepare we’ll still be unable to pull off an election for the Board of Directors. (Still more surprising is that the very first sentence of our corporation bylaws names November as the month our annual meeting shall be held.)

In addition, due to the recent power outage from the storm last week, Con Edison is offering residents reimbursement for food and medicine loss.

Please see the link below to submit your claim.


Actually following the link provided reveals this note from ConEd:

Claims for reimbursement for losses sustained as of result of power outages caused by storms or other conditions beyond our control will not be paid.

So that’s all crystal clear, right?