Full Steam Ahead

From: Harold Jacob
Re: Final Boilers Testing on November 28-30, 2012

Dear Cooperators:

During the next three days (November 28-30, 2012) our engineers and the manufacturer of the new boiler, Power Flame, will be performing efficiency and NOx emissions tests.

We estimate that we will significantly reduce our NOx emissions (from 45 tons to 11 tons). This means we will no longer be considered a major polluter, and according to state regulations, we will no longer be subject to Title V (a federal program designed to standardize air quality permits). This will also help us to reduce operational costs and our filing fees due to the facts that we (1) have got a brand new boiler; (2) have upgraded two old boilers with new burners; (3) no longer burn #6 oil, but natural gas.

In order to complete the testing we will have to run each of our three boilers at minimum and maximum rates. Therefore, we will give additional steam to the buildings. I know a large number of people who already believe we provide too much steam, but this is a test we must accomplish.

Thank you for understanding.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.