3 Out of 10 Cooperators Running for the Board?

The scientific nature of our polling methodology will be put to the test this week when we all find out how many people are really running for the Board of Directors. Because over 30% of cooperators who responded to our Question of the Month — “So is this the year you finally run … ?” — answered “I am in!”

If our polling data is accurate, we’ll have one heck of a race this fall, with close to 500 cooperators running for four open spots. Wouldn’t that be something?

More likely, the accuracy of our polling will be heavily criticized.

In the meantime, please help us finish our Candidate Questionnaire. Since not all cooperators can make it to the candidates forum (scheduled for Monday, November 19), we’d like to ask the candidates to go on record about some of the challenges facing the coop. What should we ask them?