Cooperators overwhelmingly in favor of new no-smoking rules

Last month we inaugurated our Cooperative Question of the Month with (it turned out) a gimme. Following the announcement from the Board of Directors of a new no-smoking policy in the common areas outside our buildings, we asked whether cooperators thought the new rules were appropriate or too harsh. Over 90% of you agreed with the new rules, with just a few people thinking they had gone too far.

The final tally was 29 in favor, 3 against. That’s not exactly a huge sample size, and may not hold up to the standards of professional pollsters; but considering it was our first time soliciting opinions, it’s encouraging that we were able to get any sense at all of how cooperators feel about life at East River Coop.

We’ll have a new question posted soon in the laundry rooms and right on the front page of this site. Spread the word and come back to vote!