Petition aims to stop summer closure of north courtyard

Earlier this month, Management informed the Coop that the north courtyard — the park between buildings 3 and 4 — would be closed for three months because of the scaffolding being set up for the inspection and repair of our exterior walls. In response, there is now a petition being circulated asking Management to reconsider the full closure of the courtyard:

Notification from Management of work to buildings 3 & 4 advised of closing the park situated between the two. This inspection/maintenance is done periodically however this is the first time in the past twenty years that the park will be closed for this purpose. This is a major inconvenience for the elderly who find the park their only refuge and the parents whose children rely on the park for activity. If this petition does not fulfill it’s purpose and gain traction, we will all lose the use of our park for the entire summer, not have that access to parking & bikes and will not have the comfort it brings us on hot summer days.

There’s no indication who is sponsoring the petition, but if you agree you can add your signature online.