North courtyard closure starts Wednesday

Memo posted from Management clarifies earlier announcement:

PLEASE BE ADVISED, the park between buildings 3 & 4 will close next Wednesday, May 30th for mandatory work being done to the buildings. We would like our cooperators to know that we explored a number of issues relating to the specific cause of the park remaining open. Since safety is our overwhelming concern, the decision was made to expedite the work without compromise to safety; therefore the park must be closed. We also realize what time of year it is and the importance of the park to our residents during these summer months. There was no way to know this past winter would be so mild for such an extended period as to risk the start of the project. Again, the City of New York mandates this work, and we will comply.

The inspections are being done to comply with Local Law 11.

No official word yet on when work will begin on buildings 1 & 2, but presumably cooperators in these buildings will face the same inconvenience starting near the end of the summer. Does anyone know for sure when that work will begin?